Join our global MACHathon Summer Festival, brought to you by the MACH Alliance! Let’s show the world what we can do with MACH technology!


You must register your team for the event Here by 19th of August 11:59 BST. Teams not registered by the deadline will not be accepted.

The Challenge

Theme: From Bricks to Clicks

Helping small retail businesses (Independent high street mom & pop stores) move out of the pandemic using a hybrid of online and in-store shopping. This should be an omnichannel solution bridging the online-offline experience.

What To Build:

Participants will be asked to use digital technologies and composable architecture in creative, innovative ways and to show up with ideas on helping the small retail business move out of the pandemic using a hybrid of online and in-store shopping.

The Goal:

Create prototypes of products, services and ideas that are able to generate social and economic value for the community by hacking common objects and using open data, open-source libraries, public APIs, frameworks for fast prototyping and software development, microcontrollers, sensors, and other hardware (e.g. 3D printers, beacons, wearables, etc.).

What to submit:

  • Demo Video - Your video should include a demo of your working application

  • Architecture diagrams of your solution - as well as a few slides or a document explaining why they chose the tech stack they used.

  • Live URL or any other way in which your project can be accessed.


Submissions of projects

MACHathon teams are required to submit a 3-min video of their solution by Thursday, 16th September by 11:59 pm BST. It is up to you to decide how simple or elaborate you want your video to be. 

As the main cornerstone of the jury’s decision, however, the video should give all judges a good understanding of the team’s project, where they are coming from and why they chose this specific project, how they set up their project, which technologies they used, what their team results of the MACHathon are and if and how they expect to take their project forward after the MACHathon. 

In addition to the video, teams should submit architecture diagrams of your solution as well as a few slides or a document explaining why they chose the tech stack they used

Lastly, teams should submit a live URL or any other way in which their project can be accessed

Teams can also decide to add more material, however, it’ll be up to the judges to decide if they want to take those additional materials into consideration or not.


Hackathon Sponsors


4,000 in prizes

MACHnificent Award sponsored by Algolia

The a grand prize for the overall winners of the MACH Alliance MACHathon MACHnificent award. The winning team will be the one that scores the most points across all criteria of the judging framework. This can be one of the winners of the prizes above, or a different team entirely.

The Usability Award sponsored by Fluent Commerce

An award for the most innovative UI/UX

The Integration Award sponsored by KPS

The team with the most innovative combination of solutions stacked together will go home with this award

The Relevance Award sponsored by VTEX

This award will go to the team with the solution with the highest perceived value for the end users

The Viability Award sponsored by VueStore Front

An award for the solution with the highest perceived business value

The Maturity Award sponsored by Epam

This award goes to the most complete end-to-end solution.

People's choice award sponsored by Uniform

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Dylan Valade

Dylan Valade
Head of Global e-Commerce Technology - PUMA Group

Jim Hingston

Jim Hingston
Product & Digital Technology Leader - The Gym Group

Nicole Belling

Nicole Belling
Head of Senior Commerce - Lush

Matt Webb

Matt Webb
Group Head of Digital - LAB Group

Sree Sreedhararaj

Sree Sreedhararaj
Chief Technology Officer - Sephora

Rainer Knapp

Rainer Knapp
Global Director IT & Digital - Wolford

Judging Criteria

  • Social Importance
    The video should provide details about the problem that is solving and how it is addressing it would real people benefit from this? What does it disrupt or improve?
  • Feasibility
    Can this idea be transformed into a finished solution?
  • MACH Technology
    Did it prove to be easily/fast created? Does the solution includes at least one MACH solution? Does the solution follow the MACH principles?
  • Innovation
    How cutting edge is the solution? Have we seen something like this before?

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